I am Testing a Payload linux/x86/meterpreter/reverse_tcp in my Test Linux network to Exploit, I got a Meterpreter Session by Metasploit using it, I tried several commands like getuid, cat and all those are working fine, But the command shell is not working, it means i am Unable to create a shell session from that, I am getting an Error which says

[-] Error running command shell: Rex:: TimeoutError Operation Timed Out

My Server is Running Architecture is x86_64 Which means a 64 bit OS, And i am using a x86 payload . So does it caused problem in shell command? And i am unable to Find a Reverse_TCP 64 Bit payload in Linux Modules , Can anyone help me out, or give exact reasons why the error is outputting ?

Moreover while Pivoting the Reverse_tcp Should run command ifconfig but in x86 OS System, the shell gives Channel of sh-4.2$ ifconfig command not found


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You can try using the following to spawn a bash shell:

execute -i -f /bin/bash

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