We have a server that is running a REST API on port 443. I'd like to make sure it's secure by doing various pen tests on it. I'm used to doing offensive testing on a webpage where I can see code, and URLs, and find forms to test. But I'm completely blind when testing an API. I don't even know what are valid URLs to test against. Is there any good documentation on how to do this, perhaps using Kali Linux?

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    Astra is one which I came across: > Astra can be used by security engineers or developers as an integral > part of their process, so they can detect and patch vulnerabilities > early during development cycle. Astra can automatically detect and > test login & logout (Authentication API), so it's easy for anyone to > integrate this into CICD pipeline. Astra can take API collection as an > input so this can also be used for testing apis in standalone mode. github.com/flipkart-incubator/Astra
    – codegagan
    Apr 23, 2018 at 5:59

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REST Security and API Security are excellent topics of research.

This question and the answers provide good starting points to find great tools and techniques to test these interfaces -- API Security Testing Methodologies

If I were you, I'd avoid testing a REST interface or an API's security remotely, or via a black-box technique such as dynamic app security testing. What you want is to analyze the design decisions (this blog post is a great reference with .NET code examples and component recommendations) and/or perform a secure code review. One tool that I commonly use to perform secure code reviews is Find Security Bugs. For analyzing components, there is OWASP Dependency Check (with multiple language support), bundler-audit for Ruby, Retire.js (or Snyk.io) for JavaScript, and OWASP SafeNuGet for .NET projects.


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