The situation is pretty simple, I'm trying to create a rogue AP, am I missing something? No matter what I do I get the same error message:

Unable to create tap interface using airbase-ng

I tried using different bssid and essid's with the corresponding names and channels.

Killed the processes, downed the interface, up again.

I deleted wlan0mon, disconnected the antenna from vm, then physically, reconnected everything, made some tests with different tools, airebase-ng still not working.

No problem with aircrack, airmon, airodump, aireplay, they all work.

If it's of any help I am using an Alfa AWUS036H 802.11 b/g wireless USB adapter iwconfig: Wireless card is configured in monitor mode

And the correct drivers are installed: output from dmesg

The worst thing is there is not indication of error in the command syntax or a parameter missing.

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Can you post an image without blurring information... Maybe you're just adding a blank space on the ESSID and jumping a command, add quotes on strings, like this:

airbase-ng -c 11 -a AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA --essid 'I use blanks on my essid' wlan0mon

Try this to test:

airbase-ng -c 2 --essid test -a AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA wlan0mon

or without the -a (Use your default MAC)

airbase-ng -c 2 --essid test wlan0mon

If you want create rogue AP, with a lot of things automated do check WiFi Pumpkin a good framework for it.

WIFI Pumpkin


Hard to tell with the deprecated details, however if there spaces in the ESSID then try adding quotes around the name.

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