Using Hashcat, is it possible to crack hashes using nested, or combinations, of algorithms?

As a simple example of what I am looking to do, consider sha1(md5('password')) or md5(sha1('salt') + md5('password')).

  • I am not asking about the security of using nested algorithms, I know that it is not good to do. Nor is it good to use sha1 or md5 since they are weak and easily cracked compared to bcrypt, sha-256, and sha-512. My question is if hashcat can combine algorithms to execute against a hash file, which your linked question does not answer. – JRLambert Aug 5 '16 at 2:49
  • Your first example is simply --hash-type 4700. – grc Aug 5 '16 at 2:58

As it has been mentioned in the comments, your first example is actually covered by hashcat (hash type 4700). However, it is not possible to create your own, custom hash type "on the fly".

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