Doing some research about packing and such, I went on the possibility to use the old msfencode to generate a packed exe.

However, msfencode is not updated anymore (still found on kali however), and I wish to use the encoders on the x64 architecture.

By the way, I tested to use msfvenom simply to pack my executable, using the 'no payload' option as such : '-p -'. But, it just keeps asking me to supply a payload on stdin.

So, is it possible to just pack a binary using msfvenom?

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    The -p- isn't for empty payload. Rather it is for taking the payload from stdin (standard input). msfvenom or msfencode isn't for packaging, it is for generating and encoding payloads in different formats.
    – void_in
    Apr 20 '17 at 18:50

I would advise to use following command:

msfvenom -p generic/custom PAYLOADFILE=[path_to_file] -a [architecture] --platform [platform] -e [encoder]

bear in mind you can list all possible encoders with:

msfvenom --list encoders

this is an example of encoding a shellcode using add/sub encoder, which I tested working:

msfvenom -p generic/custom PAYLOADFILE=./shellcode.bin -a x86 --platform windows -e x86/add_sub -f raw -o shellcode-encoded.bin

To use -p -, you need to supply the shellcode on stdin by:


cat <shellcode_file> | msfvenom -b <bad_chars> -e <encoder> -f <format> -a <arch> --platform <platform> -p -


cat shellcode | msfvenom -b '\x00' -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -f py -a x86 --platform windows -p -

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