I need to send a important file(i.e.: pdf) to someone. They gave me a .ASC file for encrypting the file i will send. What could be the procedure for encrypting the pdf using that .ASC file? Please mention the options by which i can be sure i have encrypted it correctly.

  • What is in the .asc file? – iAdjunct Aug 7 '16 at 15:47

If you are on windows, I use an open-source program called Gpg4win/Kleopatra.

  1. Open Kleopatra
  2. File > Import certificates... > browse for the .asc file

This will now allow you to encrypt files using that public key.

  1. Open Kleopatra
  2. File > Sign/encrypt files
  3. Browse for .pdf file you wish to encrypt
  4. (Follow the prompts) Next > select the certificate that you imported previously > Add > Encrypt > Finish
  5. Send them the encrypted file.
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  • Thanks @james. It was veery helpfull at that time. forgot to let you know. :) – Shakir Feb 28 '17 at 9:08

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