I am looking to setup a secure messaging system to be used among friends.

Ideally it would be cross-platform (Android-phones using the Knox-container, laptops, Android-tablets with Knox) and support group chats as well as the transfer of pictures. It is vital that it is end-to-end encrypted. We would like to set up our own server (XMPP ??), to stay 'out-of-the-cloud'.

I looked on EFF's website (here: EFF) to see what Apps are available and subsequently looked into installing servers for those that score 'all green'.

I did not find what I wanted though:

  • ChatSecure: can run own server, but uses OTR-protocol, so no end-to-end encrypted groupchats
  • Pidgin: no client for Android
  • Signal/SilentText/SilentPhone: does support e2e groupchatting, but not possible to set up own server
  • Telegram: servercode online but very limited documentation found
  • TextSecure: OTR, so no e2e-groupchats

So now I am inclining towards a well-secured, well-encrypted IRC-server, possibly running the OTR-plugin.

Did anyone else ever encounter the same problem ? What way did you go ?