NIST SP 800-33 2.0.1 says that "availability" part of the CIA triad protects against intentional or accidental attempts to either:

  • perform unauthorized deletion of data or
  • otherwise cause a denial of service or data

This makes it pretty clear that the ability to delete data does in fact modify availability from a security standpoint in general. However, the CVSS v2 spec states:

This metric measures the impact to availability of a successfully exploited vulnerability. Availability refers to the accessibility of information resources. Attacks that consume network bandwidth, processor cycles, or disk space all impact the availability of a system.

All of the examples provided discuss service availability, not data availability. I know that CVSS v3 clears this up by explicitly stating:

...That is, the Availability metric speaks to the performance and operation of the service itself – not the availability of the data.

When scoring a vulnerability which provides the ability to delete data with CVSS v2, do you score it as impacting availability? Is it safe to assume that this clarification can be back-ported to v2?

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