I know nmap and burp work at different levels, but in the same way, metasploit allows to set either an http or socks4 proxy, and I know and have used proxychains with Burp also.

But what I want is to see how the requests are done when using a HTTP http-wordpress-brutescript to an server on port 443, too bad because if it would have been to a port 80, at least I could have seen non-encrypted data with Wireshark. Anyways, I prefer to use Burp.

Is it possible to carry this out in some way¿?

  • What is your question exactly? Do you want to use nmap through burp, or do you want to use http-wordpress-brute through burp? – Sjoerd Aug 19 '16 at 9:53

You can instruct nmap to use a proxy, in this case you will want to use Burp as your proxy. More information here: https://nmap.org/book/ncat-man-proxy-options.html

edit: this should work for you seamlesly:


Assuming is the IP of your burp proxy and its port is 8080

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    FYI, I had to specify --proxy Otherwise, nmap would exit saying my proxy protocol was invalid. – CatShoes Nov 30 '16 at 12:03

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