I am just starting my studies on pentesting and I have created a lab with Virtual Box with two VM's: a Kali-Linux machine and a Metasploitable2 machine. Their networks are both configured to be attached to Host-Only adapter and have no access to any outside network. Kali has IP and MS2 has IP I can ping to the other machine from both of them.

Well, that was the setup. I have installed Nessus on the Kali-Linux machine and I have created a very simple Host-Discovery policy with the template already provided in the software. I set up a scan with this policy and set up as a target, but when I run it, no hosts are found.

I have tried some other policies and scans too, but it never seems to be able to find any host. Is there something wrong with the network configuration for my VM's?

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    when running into network problems in your lab, always run a packet capture on both source and destination to see what's making it through
    – schroeder
    Aug 27, 2016 at 20:50
  • Is there any way to run a packet capture from Metasploitable2? AFAIK it does not come with wireshark and I don't want to connect it an external network to download wireshark as it is a vulnerable machine. Aug 27, 2016 at 21:14
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    You could download wireshark on a different machine and share it with Metasploitable2 or use a USB to install it. Aug 28, 2016 at 0:01

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Check on both vms, on network configurations, if both are on the same virtual network and the virtual network card is connected.

Also do some simple connectivity tests like ping and nmap. If nothing works, test if your machine have access to any of the virtual machines and try to sniff the traffic there.

If there is no tcpdump or any other sniffer installed on metasploitable, with I presume that doesn't have any, you can download de .deb file and upload it. Install with dpkg -i tcpdump.deb

If nothing above works, and the packet capture show no packets, take a look into the kernel logs with dmesg, to see if the network card was recognised by the operating system, and check lspci to analyse if the network card is there.

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