I would like to know if there are any Free certifications related to writing secure code that myself and our team of .NET/AngularJS web-developers take up,

So that we can write secure code and also assure our customers that the developers of their app are 'Certified'

I am mainly looking for Free (If none Payed is also fine) internet based Certification .

I did google around for the same (and know about OWASP, isc2.org, sans.org) but couldn't tell which one is free, or industry best.

Any help is appreciated

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    Except for "which one is free", this is up to opinion, and will quickly change over time. And basically, this is a question for Google. – schroeder Sep 14 '16 at 6:41

You can start by forgetting all about (ISC)² and SANS, their certifications are quite expensive.

However, it does not answer your question for an Certification but I suggest you have a look at:

You can also arrange CTF competitions using OWASP Shepherd or Facebook CTF where the developers can get hands-on experience with common vulnerabilities.

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