I have a site called www.goflyla.com and I purchased the SSL cert from RapidSSL with Certificate Transparency enabled.

SSLLabs give a green line saying Certificate Transparency: Yes (certificate): enter image description here

Strangely, this only happens in Chrome (Mac version). I can still access my site in Windows and Ubuntu (Linux) Chrome but saying the site supplied invalid Certificate Transparency information

Checked with chrome://net-internals and embedded_scts is there: enter image description here

I have narrowed it down to Chrome version 53.

What should I do?

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Botched CT redaction

According to the CT lookup site (archived here) the certificate is logged as ?.goflyla.com. This looks very much like an attempt to redact the exact domain name.

And unfortunately that feature is not fully standardized yet. So it just doesn't work at the moment. (And any attempt to submit a redacted entry to the log will just result in Chrome 53 completely ignoring that log entry and saying: No log entry found. -- For details see SSLMate blog post linked below.)

So what can you do? -- I'm not sure. I'd guess one of two things:

Further reading:


The problem is not with your site, it is with Chrome 53. Many sites are affected.


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