Is there a way to automatically run a program (e.g. Python or C++) on a USB drive and bypass the popup window in Windows 10 (showing the different choices you have for the drive)?

I have seen that someone converted a USB drive to U3-USB and were running it as a CD instead. Not sure if this works in Windows 10 though.


Actually, YES!

You can spoof USB HID, and then from there you can do anything. It isn't as simple as autorun though. I recommend using the digispark microcontroller (ATTiny) <- I used it, I can endorse it!

EDIT: If you need any help, say so, I can guide you

Edit no 2. Things like USBKill are a good defense against this kinda stuff

  • consider an attack where a USB identifies itself as a hub, mounts a keyboard and mouse and also mounts a disk (instead of using the UI to create a program file), and then loads malware and executes it. It's also possible to load a small program like a shell script execute cURL'd code (or whatever NT equivalent) – dGRAMOP Feb 4 '19 at 21:34

As I know the answare is NO!

It's just about hardware, not a software trick. The hardware structure of U3 devices make them auto-runnable as a cd. so you can buy a U3-USB :)

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