I'm interested in CVSS v3 but I don't have enough knowledge about security or vulnerabilities.

I read the CVSS v3 user guide but I'm so confused and do not understand what they mean by:

  • scope
  • vulnerable component
  • impact component

Please help.

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The easiest way to use CVSS is to use a calculator tool like FIRST's - notice that there are 3 components, the Base, the Temporal, and the Environmental. Many companies only use the Base - I recommend that for starting out at least.

The spec has very detailed information on each component, but to paraphrase for the ones you are concerned about :

Scope : This is whether the component allows scope to change - that is, whether it allows breaking out of a sandbox or similarly restricted environment or change to a different privilege scheme. For example, if a user was able to get an api key that is intended for server-server communication, that would be a scope change (in my opinion, at least - CVSS scores have a certain level of subjectivity to them)

The Vulnerable Component is the part of the software/system that is vulnerable to the exploit. It may expose other pieces of the system, but this is the exploit's path in.

An Impact Component would be any pieces of the system that are exposed/made vulnerable by the exploit of the Vulnerable Component.

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