I ran the nikto security scan tool against one of our dev sites.

perl nikto.pl -h mydevsitename

The output mentioned

7646 requests: 14 error(s) and 3 item(s) reported on remote host

None of the errors were printed on the screen, where can I find more info about these errors that it indicated? or where does it stores its reports by default?


Try this:

perl nikto.pl -verbose -h example.com

Also look up -output parameter in nikto manual.


Increase the verbosity while launching the command.

nikto -Display -verbose -host example.com

Also if you are using a nix system you can navigate to


Here you can find all the nikto related files. You can find something like this:

*Location of Nikto*  
*Location of plugin dir*  
*Location of database dir*    
*Location of template dir*  
*Location of docs dir*  

You should run:

perl nikto.pl -h example.com > outputfile.txt

Then it will be written in outputfile.txt.

  • That wont work since it will just add to output file what it prints on screen which is "7646 requests: 14 error(s) and 3 item(s) reported on remote host" . I need to see actual detail information on those errors. – pal4life Oct 17 '16 at 16:42

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