I control a machine where I can't control DNS or open HTTP port. Is there a way I could pass a LetsEncrypt challenge when I can only accept connections over HTTPS and/or a few other ports? I found that there's "Proof of Possesion" challenge that could perhaps work for me because I already have a wildcard certificate for the domain, but I can't find any docs on this one... Would it work with my use case?

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    I would argue that if you cannot control DNS, it is not really your domain (I mean, in pedantic terms :) ). And there should not be a way around it. But I may be wrong.
    – grochmal
    Oct 16, 2016 at 18:43

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It had, over HTTPS port (443):


But for security reason it's now (mostly) disabled:



TLS-SNI-03 is in progress:


But it's not yet available

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