While websites like amazon and most others do not show your bank account number (except for the last few digits) when displaying the details of your current payment methods (using direct debit), others like car2go show your complete account number. Is there any problem with showing the complete details?

  • Not show your account number in list of payment options?
    – Limit
    Oct 28, 2016 at 14:10

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It probabbly is:

An account number (complete of course) it's a medium-high level information. So showing it completely may be a chance for a attacker to steal it, as for example, using a remote-VNC malware.

In most of cases, having only the account number won't mean a risk of being a fraud victim, as it requires some other info (as CVV, PIN-code, or any other additional security measure). But it's a leak of information.

Any platform with a good security should not show the complete account number if it is not needed.

  • Did you mean "should not show" ?
    – joz
    Oct 28, 2016 at 9:16

No. Your account number is on every check you write anyway. If the web page is secure, then it's far safer than a paper copy of the same digits. This system with checks has worked for decades with minimal and known/accepted risks. It may seem scary because it's on the internet, but i bet most folks irrationally worry less about that when handing checks to a cashier or waiter...

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