(With the exception of blocked users) Why anyone who visits the wikipedia site can edit it!? I realized recently, Extremist people have infiltrated Wikipedia. As well as realized there was no way to report them. Wikipedia does not have a centralised author or content reviewer, and their content is maintained by volunteer editors

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    Anyone can edit it because that's the entire point of it - it's a repository of data created and collated by volunteers. This doesn't read like a question, but more like a rant about Wikipedia. Yes, extremists can edit it. So can ultra-moderates. So can anyone else with a computer. Similarly, anyone can ask and answer questions on Stack Exchange, and suggest edits. – Matthew Nov 7 '16 at 12:06

This is a misconception as described here.

Also to make major contributions you need credit as a reputable editor.

Here is a great description of the bots and volunteers that keep Wiki tidy

Also it's a good thing that there is no central authority, it can be influenced, bought, threatened etc. Things you definitely don't want for something as important as Wikipedia.

PS: please don't use the content-security-policy tag for this question. This is something entirely unrelated

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