I would like to use a secure stream cipher algorithm for my application as RC4 is know to have multiple vulnerabilities, I turn myself toward Salsa20.

OpenSSL is my reference for cryptographic algorithms implementation but this time I can't see anything related to Salsa20 on their website.

Where can I find a trustable implementation in C of the Salsa20 stream cipher ?


If you're already using OpenSSL in your application, version 1.1.0 has the ChaCha20 cipher, which is a newer, improved Salsa20 variant designed by the same author (Daniel J. Bernstein). So I would consider using that.

If you're not using OpenSSL already, you might want to consider NaCl or Sodium instead, which are much easier to use safely. For example, they focus on providing high-level public-key AEADs (authenticated encryption with associated data) instead of just low-level crypto primitives like stream ciphers and MACs. These libraries use Salsa20 internally.

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  • Where exactly ? I have hard time to find out, It's for encrypting files (coded in C/C++), I'm looking toward OpenSSL has my application already use a lots of their implementations, I also don't find any example. This is "ChaCha20_ctr32" ? – gkda Nov 7 '16 at 21:04
  • This is a crazy shit, only shitty result appear on google how come I can find properly implemented RC4 implementation everywhere but not for chacha – gkda Nov 7 '16 at 21:16

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