From another question in SO, I got to know a lot about authentication, key generation and encryption algorithms available in Bluetooth BR/EDR:

enter image description here

I also read the official specification, and it says that LE Secure Connections and BR/EDR Secure Connections are functionally equal. However, I didn't manage to find a word about what algorithms are used in Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing LE for authentication, key generation and encryption. I dig through the docs, but I didn't find the answer.

I found somewhere online that SSP in LE uses AES-CCM for encryption (is it true for sure?), so the analogous table for Bluetooth LE should look like the one below, right?

enter image description here


From NIST, updated October 2016.

en Key Differences Between Bluetooth BR/EDR and Low Energy

  • The table may be missleading. Note that AES-CCM for BR/EDR is optinal.
    – maze
    May 13 '19 at 13:53

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