Are there any web sites where one can visit to see the latest disclosed vulnerabilities in order to further develop IT security research skills and keep up-to-date?

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Sure, plenty.

One of the most prominent is the Full Disclosure list, which was closed down in 2014 and then reborn. You can find the past archives and subscription info at http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/ .

Another good source of general information are Linux distros' security lists, which provide announcements of fixed vulnerabilities in their software. A small selection:

MITRE provides some feeds of CVEs.


Generally Twitter is a very useful resource for both vulnerabilities and general infosec news. Specifically who is going to be need specific.

Team Cymru's blog is a good resource.

https://www.exploit-db.com/ is good for finding POCs for exploits

This is likely the most comprehensive of officially disclosed vulns: https://nvd.nist.gov/

Ultimately, if you want actionable resource for an enterprise that doesn't consume your time analyzing you are going to need to pay for a service.

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