are there any information (in deep / cracking) about how secure a .dmg file is when encrypting it with 128 or 256 bit of AES?

I didn't find any documentation about it but I might just be too silly to find it. I would like to know how secure it is and if there is a possibility of a backdoor withing the file.

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About DMG and AES in general

About DMG "cracking" (infact he just bruteforces it because he knows most of the password and just has to test about 22k password combinations):

At least there are no known implementation failures of which I am aware (there was some kind of bug around 2006).

With DMG Encryption on Mac OSX AES 128/256 is used which is commonly considered to be a safe encryption method (of course depending on your password).

So if your password is good (long, lower/uppercase letters, special characters, etc.) then it is safe

  • Thanks but I'm curious because Apple is in the US. I'm so afraid because Lavabit were in the US as well.
    – user284148
    Commented Nov 20, 2016 at 16:57

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