I am not of the field of IS and After reading this CSF-LFD installation document, I've installed CSF-LFD via:

cd /usr/src
sudo rm -fv csf.tgz
sudo wget https://download.configserver.com/csf.tgz
sudo tar -xzf csf.tgz
cd csf
sudo sh install.sh
sudo sed -i 's/TESTING === "1"/TESTING === "0"/g' /etc/csf/csf.conf
sudo csf -r
sudo perl /usr/local/csf/bin/csftest.pl

  1. The article displays this installation as dealing with "CSF" but the Uninstall chapter of the article says that when you uninstall it, both "CSF" and "LFD" will be effected...

  2. Moreover, I can do sudo apt-get install fail2ban even though I already installed CSF (and LFD?) in the above way.

The combination of these two facts confuses me because from these data I can't be sure if this setup also installs LFD and if it is, must there be a conflict with Fail2Ban.

Given what I described, my question can be comprised of these two:

  1. Does the above installation installs both CSF and LFD?

  2. Is Fail2Ban installed via sudo apt-get install fail2ban actually the same as the above LFD (that may or may not be installed) and if so, musn't there be a conflict between the two?

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    You do have LFD, it's installed with CSF. I recommend this doc for learning about that: download.configserver.com/csf/readme.txt ... LFD and fail2ban are two separate things. I am wondering the same thing, if there will be a conflict installing fail2ban alongside it. Looking forward to seeing what folks have to say about that. I am concerned about fail2ban conflicting with CSF/LFD's control of the firewall.
    – user112461
    Commented Nov 15, 2016 at 2:23
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    My Bounty ends in 3 days: If you see fit and have some spare time, you are invited to write an answer and I'll gladly give you the bounty...
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    Thanks, I added an answer and hope it is good enough for you to award the bounty and accept it.
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I have been investigating this some more and can answer reasonably well now. Answers to each part of the question:

  1. Yes, LFD is installed as part of CSF. You have LFD installed if you use that process.

  2. Fail2ban is NOT the same as LFD and there IS a conflict. You should not use them both. Using CSF and LFD is all you need and fail2ban would only be an alternative to some parts of LFD.

So I recommend you use CSF, which includes LFD, and do not install fail2ban. I also highly recommend reading the readme file for CSF/LFD at: https://download.configserver.com/csf/readme.txt

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