I know that this question is too abstract. So to make things more concrete, I'm examining on dirtycow(CVE-2016-5195). And especially for Android(6.0), I confirmed this PoC works and modified run-as.c to show whoami

char *whoami[]= { "/system/bin/whoami", 0 };
execve(whoami[0], whoami, 0);

, which shows root. But even if I modified the code to exec shell(/system/bin/sh). The code is rejected with EACCES. What is the missing point?! The SE Linux or the other Linux security policy I'm misunderstanding.


EACCES on Android means you don't have sufficient privileges to access whatever medium (internal storage or external storage)you are trying to access.This may arise even when you don't declare the right permissions in manifest file.


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