On my Huawei PLK-AL10, when I type *#06# in the dialer, a window named MEID_IMEI would pop up and display some random strings. Note that someone can get this information through the "Emergency call" interface, without having to know the lock screen password.

enter image description here

I'm told that only mobile phones manufactured by Huawei show the MEID, PESN, IMEI1 and IMEI2 information if someone tries to dial *#06# using the emergency call dialer. Could this be a security risk?


There is no real security risk.

Those numbers displayed each represent a serial number of a certain piece of hardware. Cellular networks mostly use IMEI to track a stolen phone and put it on a blacklist. There for no attack is exposed unless someone would get your IMEI and add it to a blacklist (very unlikely).

What you should worry about is your phone that is being accessed by someone else so take good care of that!

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