is it possible that the TLS handshake will fail if the server presents a certificate that is expired ? I can see CLient Hello, and next Server Hello + Certificate from Server and next the receiver is sending a FIN packet to close abrupt the connection. May it be because the certificate expired few months back ?


  • Which part is the "receiver". The client or the server? – Steffen Ullrich Nov 25 '16 at 15:10
  • it is the client Steffen. – cyzczy Nov 25 '16 at 15:11

Absolutely. An expired certificate is not a valid one. A certificate should only be accepted if :

  • it is signed by a valid authority - ie, there is a valid certificate chain back to a trusted root certificate authority
  • it is for the subject that is being connected to - ie, hostname of the machine being connected to matches the subject name in the certificate (or subject alternative name)
  • it is within date
  • it has not been revoked (either by being included on the client's revocation list or through an online certificate status check from the certificate authority)

Get a valid cert.

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If the validation of the certificate fails the client sends either a TLS alert (well behaved) or just closes the connection (bad behaved but common). Since the validation failed because the certificate is expired this is probably what you see.

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