I ran the openstego command line below and got the error "No plugin found with name: lsb". I googled for this error and it said "abstract class should be added." I am not good at java but I want to know how to solve it.

root@~/openstego-0.6.1/lib# java -jar openstego.jar extract --algorithm=lsb -p realobama -sf barackobama2.png -xd /home/kst/Desktop/ 
No plugin found with name: lsb

You can skip --algorithm parameter. Default algorithm is randomlsb. "lsb" is deprecated and not available anymore.

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First, you should find out if you have the lsb algorithm available. Run this command:

java -jar openstego.jar --algorithms

and see what algorithms you have installed. The name of the algorithms available will be shown, and they might be spelled different. For example, I see RandomLSB as one of the algorithms it ships with, so I expect your command line should look more like this:

java -jar openstego.jar extract --algorithm=RandomLSB -p realobama -sf barackobama2.png -xd /home/kst/Desktop/
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