When I was pentesting a cpanel web app I've got some passwords but while reading the tables the server went offline.

I can exclude that my ip wasn't blocked because I tried to access the server through VPN and got the same results "server offline".

I could still ping the web app by url and by ip.

The backend is MySQL.

Question: Did the server crash or did it blocked my browser by identifying through a cookie?

EDIT 1 after checking the site with isup.me it seems to be down what caused it?

  • Can you ask the site operators? Commented Jan 2, 2017 at 7:36

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Firewalls don't block you by cookie. (But to double-check, you can always try incognito mode). Most likely you got IP banned by the WAF. Since VPN is using a different protocol and has nothing to do with your webserver, it should be working.


Just to make sure check it with different IP like from your Mobile, try to restart your ADSL router, try to ping it from online service, try something like: http://isup.me/ ...etc.

All options are open if SQLMap caused the crash or you open a lot of connections to the server then it crashes...To be certain you should read the logs of the server.

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