I'm a bit of a newbie to Certificate signing, so please forgive any stupid questions I might have.

I have a CSR, when I decode the CSR it cleary request the following key usages:

Requested Extensions:
            X509v3 Extended Key Usage: 
                TLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
            X509v3 Key Usage: 
                Digital Signature, Key Encipherment, Data Encipherment

I have an enterprise Root CA (which is offline) and a subordinate CA. On my subordinate CA, I have a template with the appropriate Public Key Usage Public Key Usage List

Yet, when I sign my CSR using the appropriate template, the Key Usage is not added.


Any toughts on How I can resolve this?


  • It looks like the Key Usage is added, but it doesn't match what your template says. Is that your actual concern? Or is it that Extended Key Usage isn't added? – PwdRsch Jan 5 '17 at 17:11

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