On an apache webserver with multiple VirtualHosts running different PHP websites on different domains, how important is it to set open_basedir for each VirtualHost?

Will it actually help to isolate the different VHosts from each other or is it possible to circumvent the restriction?

How big of a security flaw is it to not set open_basedir under the described circumstances?

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It adds additional protection in case of a directory traversal vulnerability. For example, consider a PHP file that looks like this:


Without open_basedir, this page could be used to read any file on the filesystem. Setting open_basedir prevents this, so that only files in some specific directory can be read.

However, open_basedir does not protect against someone that can run (PHP) code on the server. For example, simply running system('cat /etc/passwd') will bypass the basedir setting. Also, not all functions that handle files check the path against the open_basedir setting.


open_basedir basically limits operations to a userspace, a directory in the filesystem namely their home directory. You can set it to multiple directories if needed.

setting open_basedir prevents accessing/modifying a location outside of the specified space be it intentional or accidental.

If there is a vulnerability in a PHP script or malicious php scripts in the userspace, it limits the malicious script access to the directory/directories. Making it difficult for them to pull files like passwd, shadow files or any other sensitive areas.

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