Is the public DNSKEY of the DNS root zone that I have to trust when validating a DNSSEC key chain usually bundled with an OS? If so where is it located under Ubuntu 15.04, Linux?

What is otherwise the method to obtain it, that is considered "safe"?

I am using dig +nocomments +nostats +nocmd +noquestion -t dnskey . > trusted-key.key at the moment but I'd be interested in what the theoretically preferred solution of obtaining it would be.


apt-get install dns-root-data works on Ubuntu, at least in 16.04 and up. It also works on recent Debian.


This resource should be useful too: IANA DNSSEC files. Note that there is a root key change planned for 2017.

A safe way is to use HTTPS to retrieve it and to check the server certificate.

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