According to http://pumka.net/2009/12/19/reading-writing-and-converting-rsa-keys-in-pem-der-publickeyblob-and-privatekeyblob-formats/ MSPRIVATEKEYBLOB and MSPUBLICKEYBLOB are acceptable parameters for -outform / -inform for rsa.

The official OpenSSL docs, however, make no mention of these parameters:


This kinda makes me wonder.. what other undocumented parameters can -outform and -inform?


Unfortunately proper documentation is not one of the strength of OpenSSL (and it shares this weakness with many other software). The parsing of the options is done in apps/opt.c function opt_format. Not all of the possible options are implemented for rsa but looking at apps/rsa.c I see mention of PEM, DER, MSBLOB and PVK.

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