Is there a good/systematic way to discover the GET/POST parameters used in the URL?

For example, I want to discover the parameter names a, b, c used in the URLs


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you can only discover parameters used by developer and serving to you, in this case if you want to discover all GET/POST parameter of the page you should analyse the code of this page, no way to discover all parameters after compile.


It depends on the page.

If this is a form, then when analyzing the page you will see which parameters are sent back to the backend.

If this is a standalone access point (like an API), then there is no way (beside the documentation) to guess how the developer designed his POST, GET, etc. calls. You could extrapolate from some of his code you would happen to know and hope he is consistent, but this is just wild guessing.


Great way is to use Burp Suite and Param Miner extension https://portswigger.net/bappstore/17d2949a985c4b7ca092728dba871943 It doesn't need Professional version of Burp Suite. The extension can guess GET/POST/JSON/XML parameters, headers, cookies, and it's very fast. It supports custom wordlists and much more.

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