I'm trying to generate a file full of data with an MD5 hash that matches the hash of some password string.

Because I don't care exactly what the string is, I figure that this is second-preimage, and should be possible.

i.e. "yellowpotato350" -> ae65242af3d29c2a412fc2e444fc7eb3, which is also the hash of some data file.

I don't really care what the exact string is, but I'd like it to be "passwordy", i.e. dictionary words & numbers, maybe some leetspeak, but not just a completely random string.

  • I know MD5 has a collision issue, but I don't know if this is possible. Here is a question on the crypto stack that might point you in the right direction. Best of luck.
    – INV3NT3D
    Feb 8 '17 at 16:26
  • It's fairly broken, but there haven't been any examples which are that clear - tends to be shortish hex strings, or longish arbitrary binary files, rather than password type strings. Doesn't mean they don't exist, but most collisions are generated by bolting crafted bits onto files.
    – Matthew
    Feb 8 '17 at 16:35

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