How can I run nmap scan via multiple proxies, such that each proxy will actually send only part of the packets?

For example, assuming that a scan sends X requests, and I have Y proxies, I would like that my nmap python script will send X requests, such that each disjoint subset of X/Y requests will be tunneled through different proxy.

Could it be done?

Are there any other tools that can do this?

  • From top of my head, loop over each range choosing a new proxy for each, that sounds more a programming question than a security one at all. – Tensibai Feb 9 '17 at 10:47
  • Yes, @Tensibai is right, you need an script to do this I think. – OscarAkaElvis Feb 9 '17 at 10:59

I believe the best option is using the proxychains tool for that.

In the configuration file (/etc/proxychains.conf) you can list your proxy servers and then enable the "Random Chain" option. You can find a nice step-by-step on this tutorial. Also, if you want to use just ONE proxy each time, set the "chain_len" option to one.

Just a quick tip, when running a nmap scan over proxychains, don't forget to use the flags "-sT -Pn", otherwise your scan may fail.

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