I got an email from my network admin suggesting that one of my connected devices might be infected.

Additional information to this case:
Malwaretype: TROJAN Self-Signed Cert Observed in Various Zbot Strains

What action should I take to protect myself, and how can I ensure that none of my private information was stolen?


Assuming your 'connected devices' are computers, you need to verify that you do not have any suspicious certificates in your trusted certificate store.

Of course, every other reaction to a trojan should be performed.

To review your certificate trust store:

  1. In Windows - You can use a tool called RCC from here to scan them automatically, or review them manually like this.

  2. In Linux - See this ServerFault Question. I am not aware of a more readable way of reviewing certificates in Linux, but do try to find one if your computer is a Linux machine.

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