Am using gpg4win kleopatra for encrypting files. After bootup when I try to decrypt a previously encrypted file, it asks for a passphrase as expected. But after some time, if again I try decrypting a file it doesn't ask for passphrase and directly decrypts it. I don't what the gpg agent to remember my passphrase.

How to change this setting?

I checked the following check boxes:

  • Do not use pin caching while signing
  • Disallow the use of external password cache.

Even after selecting the above checkboxes it asked for passphrase once. But immediately after that, it decrypted without prompting for a passphrase.

I checked the existing post link below, but that explains only for Linux. Doesn't talk about the Windows gpg agent.


This is controlled by the following setting:

Kleopatra Settings > GnuPG System > GPG Agent > Expire cached PINs after N seconds

Set it to 0 to make the cached password forgotten immediately.

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