If I sign a file right now a check the .gpg file that's generated it will output a timestamp, is it possible to change the time when signing the file?

➜  Downloads gpg --verify cache.html.gpg 
gpg: Signature made Thu  9 Mar 14:27:07 2017 ACDT using RSA key ID A4DB4615
gpg: Good signature from "Tyler Bridger <[email protected]>" [ultimate]
gpg:                 aka "keybase.io/omgimalexis <[email protected]>" [ultimate]

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Yes, there's multiple ways you can do it:

  • Change the system time, sign the file, then put the time back
  • Run gpg inside datefudge or faketime
  • Use gpg's --faked-system-time option

Because of these possibilities, you can only trust the timestamp on a signature if you trust the signer to not have faked it.

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