Emails can be sent with email software (via corresponding setting of a parameter in the software) in HTML format instead of the normal text format. Are there any risks of reading arbitrary (malicious) emails in HTML format?

  • Spammers can track your email activity using img
    – Xavier59
    Mar 11, 2017 at 11:52

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It depends; it is possible to include malicious code (e.g. JavaScript) in HTML e-mails, but all serious e-mail applications (be it web apps or desktop apps) will prevent this from running when you read it, and exclude them if you decide to save the e-mail as HTML. Good PDF readers will do the same with 'infected' PDFs, actually.

If you somehow intercept the raw e-mail body, save it as a HTML file, and open it in a browser, you run the same risks as opening a random link on the Internet.

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