I investigated a little about the WheepingAngel Malware that was recently leaked due the 'Vault 7 CIA Leaks' by Wikileaks. What i couldn't find where the actual CVEs that enable WheepingAngel to infect a SmartTV. Also i couldn't find any list of vulnerable SmartTVs.

Has anybody investigated this into detail and can tell me more about it?


  • CVEs involved
  • Source Code
  • Vulnerable Devices
  • Functionalities
    • e.g.: there was something about resetting the malware to 'factory settings' by pressing <MUTE> 184 <POWEROFF> when the infected device is in standby mode.
  • Control-Mechanisms
  • Weaknesses
    • e.g.: for Samsung SmartTV devices a update by Samsung disables parts or the whole malware.
  • Since there is not a lot of discussion going on, i will ivestigate further and answer it myself in the comming days.. :) – Gewure Mar 14 '17 at 14:55

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