Background. In 2013, Lavabit and Silent Circle formed the Dark Mail Technical Alliance and launched the Darkmail project to create the Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME) – a new mail architecture aiming to provide secure, end-to-end encrypted mailing.

In 2015, specification drafts for DIME [large document], something named STACIE and a protocol named DMAP have been released. Another protocol named DMTP is specified within the DIME specification draft. (I assume DMAP and DMTP are to replace IMAP and SMTP.)

In January 2017, Lavabit – which had shutdown in 2013 – relaunched and with it Ladar Levison released the source of its server Magma and the DIME library, see also the introduction on Lavabit.

This was two months ago. Now, the question:

Has anyone reviewed the specifications? What is their verdict?

(And moreover on a rather trivial note, why hasn’t this created more fuss? I’ve seen some articles mentioning it, but there seems to be little interest in DIME itself – why is that?)


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