Lets suppose we have 2 parties A(me) and B(participant). I want to communicate with B but B's firewall restrictions are not allowing me to communicate with him. Is there any way that I can bypass B's firewall restrictions and communicate with B.


  • A and B don't have any control of each other.
  • B cannot modify firewall access policy from his side.

My Solution:

As of now, my idea was to use my own proxy and whenever I detect a firewall restriction I will prompt B to connect to my proxy do the required port-forwarding.

Can anyone suggest a better solution for this?

  • Have a look at STUN and TURN which are designed for exactly this kind of problem. They are used on P2P scenarios like VoiP, WebRTC... . Basically: they employ some tricks to work around specific NAT scenarios and if this fails they fall back to using an external proxy. – Steffen Ullrich Mar 31 '17 at 15:08

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