I am using: apache2-2.4.25-5.1.x86_64 apache2-mod_security2-2.9.0-6.1.x86_64

Apr 13 18:59:36 mail start_apache2[16810]: AH00526: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mod_security2.d/crs_whitelist.conf:

Apr 13 18:59:36 mail start_apache2[16810]: ModSecurity: Execution phases can only be specified by chain starter rules.

SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "@ipmatch"   "phase:1,t:none,nolog,noauditlog,ctl:ruleRemovebyID=920350,id:999001"

I am trying to prevent logging of certain rules when accessing my web server locally.

Modsecurity cause apache not to start because of above error.

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