Given X!=Y, is there any way to scan the top (--top-ports) X TCP ports and the top Y UDP ports using a simple Nmap command?

The --top-ports parameter affects both the TCP and UDP scans (e.g., when -sSU is used).

If exists, short/simple command is preferred.

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From this post it looks like the best way to do this would be to find out what the port lists for each option are and then supply them as a list of ports to scan on the command line, as you can specify different lists of TCP and UDP ports to scan using the -p option by using T: and U:

To quote the relevant part of that post

but I first generate the list of top UDP ports (10 in this case):

./nmap -oX - -sU --top-ports 10

The output 'scaninfo' line includes the services list in Nmap format:


So then I can run Nmap with:

-p T:1-65535,U:53,67,123,135,137-138,161,445,631,1434 `

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