What security issues are presented by letting server admins in a corporate environment run PowerShell scripts from their local desktop rather than from the server?

I am not a server guru by any means so I am curious what potential security issues this poses.

  • Both is problematic, you normally need hardened isolated admin jumpstations. Itmcan be debated, bit Inthinkmusing a 'graphical firewall' aka mstsc is a good thing to separate the trusted jumpstation from the everyday workplace of the Admins (which still needs elevated physical and computer security!) – eckes Apr 26 '17 at 22:25

If it's a dedicated admin workstation and admin account then that is the ideal scenario. So admin uses his regular account and regular pc for email & web browsing. And the admin uses his admin account and admin pc for powershell scripting against other systems.

Also don't forget to enable powershell logging so that you have a history of the commands executed in case an account is compromised.

Also make sure you apply least privilege to admin accounts. In many cases an admin can accomplish his powershell commands and queries without requiring local admin privileges.

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