As a guardian, we wish to protect our family especially children from malicious websites.

We implemented the following technologies:

  • K9
  • Symantec client protection

But it can be surpassed with ultra surf

We're too much worried on this. Can someone kindly advise on implementing a much secure firewall?

  • Why are you worried? Why aren't those technologies meeting your needs? – schroeder May 4 '17 at 18:56
  • @schroeder Ultra surf allows to by pass firewalls. We just need to prevent access to malicious websites – Zameer Ansari May 4 '17 at 19:00
  • So, you want a firewall that your kids cannot bypass? There are lots of ways to bypass firewalls. – schroeder May 4 '17 at 21:11
  • Typically, parental controls like this are meant to deter the curious, not to control the determined. Large organisations with dedicated security teams struggle to do what you want to do. – schroeder May 4 '17 at 21:17
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    Only completely reliable method would be a whitelist of allowed websites, dropping all others at router level, and ensuring that no proxy sites are in the whitelist... – Matthew May 5 '17 at 6:17

Have you looked into using a DNS service like OpenDNS? OpenDNS has content filtering as part of their services. I'm sure there are other providers but they are the ones I'm familiar with.

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    This requires DNS IP configuration right? The DNS IPs can be changed by anyone. Correct me if wrong – Zameer Ansari May 5 '17 at 4:57
  • @Student you are correct – schroeder May 5 '17 at 6:32

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