I started to learn ASM and learned a lot about exploit development in the last few weeks. My question is, are there any comparable vulnerable windows programs like vulnserver out there which are good for exercising ?

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I found a very comprehensive list of various applications to use for pentesting. There isn't much I could find however for windows applications, but here's some of them from the link above:

  • www.oldapps.com - Some old versions of apps which have known vulnerabilities.

  • www.payatu.com/hacksys-extreme-vulnerable-driver - A windows driver with vulnerabilities such as stack overflow.

  • sourceforge.net/projects/virtualhacking/files/apps%40realworld/ - This website has a TON of vulnerable applications all ready to be exploited.

  • www.oldversion.com/ - More older versions of programs.

  • www.overthewire.org - This has many security challenges - buffer overflows, web exploitation, etc.

The website I linked earlier also has many other resources for practising which may interest you.

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