I've setup up Pass with a GPG key. That key expires at some point in the future. In preparation for this event, how would I update Pass to use a new Key? Do I just manually update the key id and password file that Pass uses?

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    the man page describes ~/.password-store/.gpg-id have you tried looking in there for clues? I don't know this utility, never used it. but that's where i would start. – Nalaurien Jun 9 '17 at 1:41
  • yeah that was my first stop, it's not clear to me how to update the key. – shusson Jun 9 '17 at 1:46
  • nvm it was in the man page all along. – shusson Jun 9 '17 at 1:53
  • glad you got it sorted :) hah, yeah its in the text for the first item, looked over it the first time cuz i thought it was only for initialization. – Nalaurien Jun 9 '17 at 1:55

After looking closer at the man page you can update the public encryption key with:

pass init [ --path=sub-folder, -p sub-folder ] new-gpg-id
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Alternatively, you can simply extend the key's validity period by running gpg --edit-key <key-id>. Anyway, key expiry dates don't really add additional security.

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