I've been looking for a device, smartcard or USB that does two things:

  • provide storage to a private digital signature key (used with in a standard x509 certificate) for signing documents

  • provide U2F credentials for authentication with web applications.

  • optional: NFC or a way to use it from mobile device

I've found only one vague reference that a yubikey could do both (but it's not fips140-2 certified). Why are the other players in the field not developing devices with both functionalities? Gemalto, nitrokey, etc.

Is there some fundamental incompatibility with "old" PKI smartcards and U2F ? Both do similar operations at their core.


The Yubikey Neo can do all three things you need. The standard Yubikey (non NFC) is, according to the website, in the process of beeing FIPS 140-2 certified.

An overview of certified U2F tokens can be found on the fidoalliance website

Generally speaking, U2F is a rather new standard, and the mainstream crypto token producers like Gemalto or SafeNet haven't quite jumped on that train yet. Technically, there is nothing that prevents a token from living in the PKCS#11 and U2F world at the same time.

  • Correct. Im using the Yubikey 4 with Smart Card (PIV) With PKCS11 interface and the U2F features.
    – Peter
    Jul 18 '17 at 14:54

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