My computer just froze, and I ended up having to reboot. It appears Windows Defender was coming up with a notification, but that froze as well. I was trying to see what went wrong in the event viewer, and noticed several application hangs (not really a security concern), and then this, in the Administrative Events: Warnings section, which is more of a concern to me:

Event 360, User Device Registration

Windows Hello for Business provisioning will not be launched. Device is AAD joined ( AADJ or DJ++ ): Not Tested User has logged on with AAD credentials: No Windows Hello for Business policy is enabled: Not Tested Local computer meets Windows hello for business hardware requirements: Not Tested User is not connected to the machine via Remote Desktop: Yes User certificate for on premise auth policy is enabled: Not Tested Machine is governed by none policy. See https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=832647 for more details.

I should not have any devices connected to my computer, it is a home computer. Google searching reveals that AAD is Azure Active Directory. Does this mean someone is connected to, or tried to connect to my computer? I ran an antivirus scan, and looked in the security event log, and both results were okay. Is this just a normal log entry, or indicating something possibly malicious (e.g. a person attempting to connect to my computer)? Is there anywhere else I should check / actions I should take?


I do connect to a wireless printer, so that might be a clue, not sure if this message is in reference to that. I did not try to print anything when the system froze.


I finally found after some more searching on revisiting this topic, that "Windows Hello" is likely associated with the finger print scanner. Odd this would have caused this event when I was already logged in though. I have seen other accounts of people running into this error, but not much explanation, and the nature of the event is still largely unclear to me (e.g. was the finger print scanner trying to register, or was it possibly a malicious user device trying to get into my computer, or something else?)

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